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  • It’s been a real year for everyone and now it’s time for you to take a break with a winter getaway – but wait, with so much always on the horizon, when will you find the time?

    Well, even if you find you only have 24 hours spare then, living on Brighton beach, I can attest to the fact that even one night with some fresh sea air can help clear the brain fog and recharge the batteries. So first things first, forget a 2-3 night break if necessary and simply find a single free night before Christmas, and get that date in the diary whether that’s for you and the girls, the family, or a loved up night of romance! You deserve it.

    Wherever and whenever you choose to go, here’s what to pack for a 24-hour winter getaway:

    1. Relaxation

    Choosing pieces that inspire relaxation will be important on your quick-stop getaway. Whether you travel in them, change into them once you arrive, or simply choose to stay in them from beginning to end, choosing to take loose, comfortable clothing can make all the difference when you are recharging and resetting in record time.

    The Silk Jumpsuit – Perfect to Layer For Winter Getaways

    2. Essentials

    Luxury comes in many forms, but none is more simply luxurious than beautifully made clothing. Cashmere, silk, and the softest cotton mean that you won’t be feeling uncomfortable during the day if you choose to brave the outdoors with a hike or walk along a beach – and especially so if you place a layer of silk against your skin.

    This is because it is a natural material known for its warmth retaining qualities as well as being a great temperature regulator so it will keep you cool and comfortable as you move from the blustering winds to the warmth of a little local pub for lunch, or the luxuriousness of your hotel room.

    The Cosy Range: Place Silk Underlayers Against Your Skin To Keep Warm – and they’re Perfect For Bedtime Too

    3. Practical Neccessities

    Practical necessities for a winter getaway could include:

    1. luxurious pajamas
    2. something to wear for the evening
    3. warming layers
    4. gentle-on-the-hair scrunchies
    5. a scarf
    6. a cosy jumper
    7. gloves or hand muffs
    8. a scarf and hat

    A Night Out In Silky Style In Our Mini Libby

    4. Pack Layers

    Choosing to layer up is the most elegant, cosy and stylish way to dress for a quick stop getaway.

    Try layering silk against the skin, with a long sleeve basic top over it, then a chunky knit, and a handmade suedette gilet or coat.

    The Waterfall Gilet – Perfect For Layering

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  • Creating a sustainable brand is of the utmost importance in the world of fashion right now – and the Mia Beach silk dress, are no exception!
    mia beach silk dress called midi libby
    Shop Now: The Midi Libby

    The silk dresses at Mia Beach are made of the finest quality saree silk, imported directly from my tailor in India who buys from his local silk factory.

    In a world where fashion houses and fast fashion chains hide ethical mistreatment in their production lines, you can be sure that by purchasing silk dresses from Mia Beach, you are not only supporting two independent businesses, (both mine and my tailor in India), you are also making the decision not to feed into the widespread mistreatment in the fashion world.
    As more and more sustainable brands pop up every day, consumers are demanding to know who made their clothes, and where the materials came from.
    For me, transparency in my business is important, and developing a sustainable brand is one of my main focuses As such, I am happy to disclose my supply chain.
    My Studio On Brighton Beach
    You can also be sure that there were no underpaid factory workers in the chain as I handmake the pieces myself.
    But aside from the chain transparency, there are many little and large actions I take on a daily basis to help create an affordable and sustainable brand.
    Creating A Sustainable Brand: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    When creating clothes, including my silk dresses of course, there will nearly always be waste material. From just 3 of my silk dresses, I can fill up a small basket with off cuts.
    Using All The Off Cuts
    The difference is that, at Mia Beach, I cut my fabric in a specific and thoughtful method which i have developed over the years which keeps the wastage to a bare minimum and then, I keep and use these off cuts rather than put them in the bin and have them sent to landfill.
    Other day-to-day measures I take when making my silk dresses to ensure a thoughtful design process and a more sustainable brand include:
    • 1. A rare use of zips as they require, not just the materials to create of the zip itself, but a cutting of the origianl silk and therefore further waste
    • 2. Use of vintage fabrics
    • 3. Choosing a small, independent, family business in the UK to purchase other non silk materials including my vintage fabrics
    • 4. Choosing neautral coloured threads rather than purchasing one in every colour. This means that, whilst, the thread used for a seam may not be an exact colour match, I am, more importantly, not wasting thread which has required the earth’s precious, natural resources to make, dye and transport. (Interestingly, thread does evertually weaken and become useless so for me, choosing not to have one in every colour also means I will not be wasting precious resources in the long run either)
    • 5. Sending items to customers in recycled packaging
    • 6. Creating accessories from larger off-cuts such as scrunchies and scarves
    • 7. Choosing my fabrics carefully and making small collections so there is no waste.
    • 8. Not using prices tags on every item in the shop.
    • 9. Giving away the off cuts for use by other creators and designers, for example for stuffing or weaving.
    The Mia Beach Store
    on Brighton Beach

    A Sustainable Brand And An Affordable Choice

    Many of these choices, which allow me to foster the processes and environment of a sustainable brand, also mean I can keep my prices lower as well, which is ironic since the reputation of most sustainable brands is that their prices are high!
    When searching for real silk dresses and kaftans, prices can start upward of £150 (and well into the thousands if you are looking at high end designer brands).
    But due to many of the choices I make in my business, I have created a method which keeps my sustainable brand as affordable to as many people as possible, and that makes me very happy!
    Any questions? Email me!
    Love Mia